Anonymous asked:

so whats your view on pokemon on human sex? like take a grass type with those vines...

mistuhsunny answered:

Let’s look at this question from an ethical standpoint.

The main factor I will address in whether or not this is an okay act to perform is the ability to give consent.  There are many different viewpoints of what is and is not considered consent.   I will personally be using Civic Research Institute’s guidelines for the ability to properly give consent

1)  Both Participants are fully conscious.

Are Pokémon fully conscious?    What dictates a creature (or person for that matter) the ability to be considered fully conscious?    Consciousness is a state of mind.  Let’s first look at this using a broader perspective of Pokémon civilization as a whole.  To be considered a sentient race, and therefor fully conscious of your surroundings, you have to fit certain guidelines.  

  Sentience:  Are Pokémon sentient?  Can they perceive the actions of others, can they feel the actions of others in a way that transcends simple reflex and instinct?  The answer for this is yes.   In 
Mewtwo Strikes Back the fighting Pokémon recognize what they’re doing, they see they are wrong and feel for the pain they caused Ash.  Together they bring him back out of the goodness of their heart.    This is an unarguable show of clear sentience.

Autonomous: Can Pokémon have, to a degree, a self-government?  Can they thrive as a whole and not turn  rabid?  It seems the answer to this question is no – after all, there are wild pokemon, no?  Lone forgers.   However, pokemon have proven the ability to work under self-government.  The introduction of the 
Squirtle Squad  (ep. 12 – Here Comes The Squirtle Squad, a group of Squirtles whom had been abandoned by their trainers, became a self-governing, and even self-sufficient (you can take a few pointers, US Government) group, showing that Pokémon are, in fact, autonomous.

Communication: The answer ‘yes’ for this is an easy enough.  It is shown time and time again that Pokémon possess higher levels of speech function, so much so that they are able to not only communicate with other Pokémon of all sorts of species and types, but also their owners.  Pokémon as drastically different as a Pikachu and Caterpie have shown the ability to communicate between themselves.  

 State of Mind:  A person must have full bodily, and mental, capabilities to consent.   Just as a person under narcotics, such as mind altering drugs and liquor, are unable to give their full consent, a Pokémon would not be able to give their own consent if not in complete mental clarity.   Are Pokémon affected mentally, just as humans are?   Of course they are.  I grew up with my shitty Cyndaquil punching itself in the face in a state of its own confusion every fucking time I battled.     The answer to this lies fully on the state of the pokemon.  However, Pokémon, in of their own, have the correct state of mind to ‘consent’.

Maturity:  However odd this sounds, this is a main factor in an ability for a being to give consent.  Let’s look at this through children -   Children (let’s say 7-years-old) clearly meet all the aforementioned standards.   They understand who they are, they can feel for others, they can speak and even show self-government (watch children on a p­­­­­­­­layground making pretend, there is a clear designated leader, they choose who  plays what, who does what, and, despite the occasional tussle, they can handle themselves pretty well).   However, there is no argument that a child is unable to give their consent.  It’s the same way people who are severely intellectually disabled are unable to give consent, “Although some […] do engage in mutual sexual behavior, including intercourse, their capacity for making prudentially or morally competent decisions is seriously impaired.”  (Soble, Sex from Plato…)    However, pokemon are generally shown to have higher levels of intelligence, so the safest way to determine whether or not they have reached mental maturity is by the age system of which Pokémon grow.   If the Pokémon is, and using this term loosely, “of age” for their own species, then they are mature enough to engage in this practice.

2)  Both parties have clearly communicated their willingness/permission
3)  Both parties are positive and sincere in their desires.

This is where it gets a bit confusing.     Mostly when it comes to a relationship between a Pokémon and its trainer.   Can the Pokémon genuinely give consent?   Or is it only consenting because it was following it’s master’s orders.   Pokémon have been shown throughout the show in abusive situations, doing things that they clearly don’t want, just because the master told them to do it.   Yes, they committed the act, but they did not genuinely consent to it.   In order to eliminate the possibility of a Pokémon who is pressured into consent for fear of disobeying their master, we will say that only wild Pokémon are able to communicate their clear willingness.   

Looking at this from an philosophical standpoint, then, yes, it is ethical to have intercourse with your Pokémon.

However, dolphins and higher functioning monkeys meet all the same requirements as listed above and I would not advocate fucking either of those, so, no.  Don’t bone your Pokémon. 


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